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random debit card number generator fake license

2022-4-26 source:new id card

random debit card number generator fake license

Fake Driver’s Licenses—And What’s Being Done To Remedy It

  Thousands of fraudulent drivers licenses are in use in America today. While some have been shipped into the country from overseas, others have been issued at legitimate DMVs. While these fraudulent licenses represent a small portion of the overall number of licensed drivers, they pose risks to individuals ranging from identity theft to accidents caused by reckless drivers who have had revoked licenses.

  Earlier this month, a Maryland state revealed that up to 826 driver’s licenses were issued to individuals with fraudulent identification documents. Many of these individuals, presumed to be in the country without the documentation necessary to legally apply for a license, used false or duplicate information, such as a repeated comptroller number, to take out multiple licenses.

  Other received renewed licenses despite having up to 12 points on their driving records due to past traffic violations. Processes are set in place to prevent these individuals from receiving licenses, but auditors found the process was not being enforced across all applications. While the employees responsible for these oversights have been dismissed, the fraudulent licenses could not be recovered because the applicants registered them under fake addresses.

  And in May, U.S. Customs and Border Protection discovered 58 fraudulent state driver’s licenses in one day at Dulles International Airport. The licenses were shipped from China and addressed to individuals in four states (Florida, Virginia, Georgia and New Jersey) and the District of Columbia. Additionally, the licenses themselves were fraudulently registered under six different states (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee and West Virginia).

  The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and state motor vehicles agencies have played a frustrating game of cat-and-mouse with Chinese companies for years, as these unregulated companies have learned to create ever more sophisticated fraudulent licenses.

  Additionally, you could end up carrying the punishment for any driving infractions they commit. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), if someone uses your identity on a fraudulent license and they receive a , the resulting license suspension might apply to your valid driver’s license. The FLHSMV can’t remove that citation without authorization from the court that ordered the conviction, which, at best, spells a heap of paperwork and wasted hours for you.

  And, ironically, according to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, individuals who attempt to purchase fake licenses are often themselves the targets of identity theft. Cuomo has waged a war on fraudulent licenses, as well as underage drinking, for the past several years.

  Another risk is the danger unofficially licensed and uninsured drivers pose to you on the road.

  Also, individuals with serious traffic violations, such as DUIs, are prime suspects for purchasing fraudulent licenses. If these drivers continue to drive recklessly under a fake license, and especially if they don’t carry sufficient auto insurance, you could be left on the hook for car repairs or medical bills they cause in an accident if you don’t have .

  Thirty-nine states now employ software to identify attempts to register fraudulent driver’s licenses. Since fake licenses have become extremely sophisticated, government software won’t eliminate fake licenses and IDs altogether. However, these measures are allowing states to make gains in shutting down attempts to use fake licenses.

  Additionally, you can help protect yourself by regularly checking your own information. Review your driving record and credit report annually to see if you’ve been wrongfully issued a driving citation, or if you see a line of credit you don’t recall opening. Finally, always make sure you have adequate to cover you in case of an accident.

MMDA: Here are 7 ways we can tell if your LTO driver’s license is fake

  In this day and age, opting for a fake Land Transportation Office (LTO) driver’s license instead of a legitimate one really isn’t an option that should appeal to anyone. The process of applying for a license isn’t as inconvenient as it used to be.

  Still, for one reason or another, fake LTO driver’s licenses still manage to make their way into circulation. There’s some sound logic in steering clear of this route aside from its being, well, illegal: It isn’t that hard for authorities to tell if your license card is legitimate or not. 

  One rider was recently given a lecture by Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic chief Bong Nebrija after being caught red-handed carrying a fake driver’s license. In a Facebook post, the official pointed out the seven telltale signs that allowed enforcers to determine the card’s legitimacy:

  This was the first flaw that caught MMDA enforcers’ attention, with Nebrija saying it’s apparent that the image was not taken and printed at an LTO facility—and that it appeared like it was simply superimposed on the card.

  The fake card the MMDA confiscated from the rider is noticeably thicker than the real thing.

  Nebrija was able to easily scrape off the card’s laminate—something that he said should not be possible on a legitimate polycarbonate LTO license card.

  If you’ve noticed, the expiration date on your LTO license card is rougher than the rest of the print. This is because it’s engraved via laser. Of the fake card confiscated by the MMDA, Nebrija said they were able to determine under a magnifying lens that the numerals were simply scratched on to look embossed.

  This is one quick way enforcers are able to test a license card’s legitimacy: Simply shine an LED light from your smartphone through the card itself. If it comes through as yellow instead of purple, it’s fake.

  The barcode and the Philippine flag on the card are noticeably printed in low quality compared with the real thing. The MMDA can also check whether a card’s ultraviolet eagle is in the correct position or not.

  Finally, the MMDA can always verify if the information on the card you present matches with the LTO database. In the case of this rider, the data he presented didn’t match, and he eventually admitted he got his card from a Facebook group for P4,000.

  Well, there you have it. We reckon some of you are shining an LED light through your LTO license cards right now. We hope, for your sake, that it comes through as purple instead of yellow.

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random debit card number generator fake license

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