LENGTH1 x 48 min
Documentary Info
Narrator: Christopher Kent


Director: Sakis Fininis
Assistant Director: Vangelis Tremopoulos
Script: Anastasia Vosnaki,Vangelis Tremopoulos


Key Person: Spiros Gavalas, Miltso Ivanov


Producer: Vangelis Tremopoulos
PRODUCTION MANAGER: George Karras, LINE PRODUCER: Galina Stankova, CAMERA:  Crum Parvanov, Stefan Jelankov, Ivan Nikolov, Diogenis Mourantidis.


Editing: Anastasia Kimbari, Charis Charitonidis


Music: Patric Smith,  Martin Allan Lass , Dan Schmidt
Audio: Nikos Kakarikos


Graphics: Kostas Arvanitidis, Vangelis Tremopoulos
Production Assistans: Alexia Chatzopoulou, Despina Tremopoulou


World Distribution: Exoptron Limited


Throughout the history of mankind, the flower has been one of the most inspiring examples of the sheer elegance of natural world. And the queen of flowers, it is said, is the Rose. This documentary is dedicated to the people who share their lives with this remarkable plant in Central Bulgaria.

It monitors the history of this magnificent flower which is full of encounters with the greatest civilizations of the past. It witnesses the local rituals, the traditional festivities the truly impressive coronation of the Queen of Roses, the rose petals gathering in the fields and the colorful parade along the central avenue of the city of Kazanluk.

It smells the fragrance of the three and a half tons of rose petals which are distilled to produce just one liter of the most famous rose-oil in the world.The Bulgarian “attar”, as it is called, is an invaluable gift of the land being in high demand among makers of perfume.

Exhibits of the Museum of Roses and the Koulata Ethnographic Complex feature the history and the tradition of the rose cultivation and distillation.The Thracian tomb is a monument of global historical importance which is on Unesco’s World Heritage List. A masterpiece of realistic murals and frescoes that makes the area of the Valley of Roses even more attractive.

An exciting journey into the Valley of senses…
An unforgettable experience in the Valley of Roses…

Video Trailer
Festival Dates

The festival of Roses take place the first weekend of June every year. Three main events are interesting for the guests of the festival – the electing of Queen of Roses, the harvesting ritual in the rose gardens and the parade along the streets of the town.
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