LENGTH3 x 25 min
Documentary Info
Narrator: Jeremy Nemcosky


Director: Vangelis Tremopoulos
Assistant Director: Filippos Chalatsis
Script: Anastasia Vosnaki,Vangelis Tremopoulos


Key Person: Stellios Stavridis


Producer: Vangelis Tremopoulos
PRODUCTION MANAGER: Serafim Efstratiadis, LINE PRODUCER: George Karras, CAMERA: Nikos Ziogas, Diogenis Mourantidis, John Tsantekidis, Vasilis Georgiou


Editing: Anastasia Kimbari, Charis Charitonidis


Music: Jan Baumman,Panagiotis Pekeridis
Audio: Nikos Kakarikos


Graphics: Kostas Arvanitidis, Vangelis Tremopoulos
Production Assistants: Alexia Chatzopoulou, Despina Tremopoulou


World Distribution: Exoptron Limited


The  episode 1 presents the historic but also the religious importance of the tree, as well as the effect it has had throughout the centuries in poetry, literature and arts, in general.

We learn the country of origin of the olive tree as well as its natural history and its endurance in time by visiting a 3,000 year old olive tree in the island of Crete.

We also visit in Sparta the one of its kind olive tree and olive oil museum, where we will travel over the centuries through the words of poets, painters, sociologists and share the customs of the Mediterranean people with respect to the sacred tree of the goddess.


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The  episode 2 presents the cultivation of the olive tree, the methods of collecting the fruit as well as the processing to become edible.

The most important varieties of the table olive and the traditional recipe to make your own olives. Also, we will encounter awarded products with olives, such as Calliope’s spoon sweet olive preserves.


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The episode 3 is devoted to the olive oil, or the “liquid gold” as Homer used to say. We visit a traditional but also modern mill to find out how the extra virgin olive oil is produced. We discover its great nutritional value by speaking to experts to learn how to select the good olive oil among awarded olive oil products. We also learn how to make soap from olive oil readily and also the traditional recipe for a Greek country salad.


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Episode 4 (coming up)

“Novelties in olive Oil”

In this episode, currently under production, we encounter the latest methods of olive oil production, the scientific attestation of its quality, as well as the latest studies of its therapeutic effect.

Episode 5 (coming up)

“Rare Med Recipes”

The next episode is devoted to Mediterranean diet. By traveling around the Mediterranean, we collected the rarest and most nutritional recipes which provide health and energy. These superb recipes kept the people of the Mediterranean far from cancer and cardiovascular problems ensuring a healthy and long life. Do not miss it, for the benefit of your own health.

Episode 6 (coming up)


The surprise episode, is devoted to the Mediterranean people for handling this remarkable product with respect for centuries. 

Director's Note

Dear Friends,


During our first meeting about this documentary, I was asked, why it was worth dealing with a tree?
My reply was as follows:


This tree is a divine gift with amazing properties.
It’s a gift that can nourish, heal, warm, enlighten, wreathe, beautify and cleanse.
It is a tree Symbol of peace, wisdom, glory, fertility, power and purity.
The poets praised its value and durability.
The painters were inspired by its silver leaves and the deep scratches on its trunk
Spiritual people used it to emphasize the superior virtues of human beings.
Historians, archaeologists, politicians and sociologists were involved with passion.
Major religions use its fruit extract at their rituals.
A great gift to humanity.
The sacred tree of the goddess of wisdom.
Athena struck her spear on the ground and a tree sprung up.
The silver gaze, the multiform, the fruitfull, the enviable, the perennial and indomitable Olive tree.
Join us at an amazing trip through time exploring the history of the blessed tree…
Stay tuned to watch how the extra virgin olive oil is produced…
And enjoy life using our following divine recipes.


One of my colleagues recorded on his iphone.
Finally these words became the introduction script of this documentary.
Stay tuned to watch how the extra virgin olive oil were produced…
and enjoy life using our meditteranean divine recipes.


Vangelis Tremopoulos

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