LENGTH1 x 52 min
Documentary Info
World Distribution: Exoptron Limited
Press Summary

People of Exoptron are very ambitious their oncoming HD Documentary to be a poetic tribute to what Man can accomplish. We will walk on the hot desert sand through the roughest paths of a nation’s history who managed not only to survive but to be developed to such an extent so as to be an example for all the humanity. We will pass through humble earthen forts of faith so as to reach the most unbelievable architectural creations of mind. We will go through the multi-lane avenues of knowledge having as a guide the brightest minds of the world. The documentary will purify us with its poetic words of love and prosperity of a wise ideal ruler. It will show us round the marvelous waves and dunes of the Arabic Art at the most beautiful sides of the city. Eventually when as simple human beings will wonder how and why all these have happened… The answer will come as an echo poem from the distant history…

“To understand and feel awe for the peak of creation, us, human beings And to free humanity from suffering and pain, and make our lives better That became the “how” and the “why” of everything for me; given from Him, yet passing from my Heart, Mind, Eye , Hand and Faith”


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The Documentary will be accessible to broadcast on a variety of HD channels worldwide. In addition, it is our aim that the film will be used in educational settings and screened at film festivals.
An accompanying educational curriculum for elementary and high school levels will be developed in order to provide youth with useful examples of leadership qualities or encourage them to draw similar ones to those existing within their own social context.


Format & Style

The Documentary will be primarily shot in UltraHD/50i. Two Blackmagic URSA cameras shall be used. A third 4K Blackmagic Camera will capture certain behind the scenes action. The style will be different in the narration scenes in contrast to the presenter ones. The narrator scenes will be shot in the desert with an actor portraying Ibn Sina. The style in these scenes will be slow and narrative using an aging yellowish film effect. In the presenter scenes, the style will be fast enough and full colorized.
A 24 min ‘Behind The Scenes’ documentary will also be produced with on location interviews from all crew members. A worldwide blu-ray disc distribution of the project is presently among our plans.



The documentary is intended to be educational for the youth, as well as, informative and traveling for older people. It is aimed for audiences of ages between 15 and 65.