DOCUMENTARY TITLEBacchanals in Modern Times
LENGTH1 x 30 min
Documentary Info
Based on an idea of Mr. STAVROS SIDERAS


 Producer/Director: Vangelis Tremopoulos


 Assistant Director: Evripidis Sideras


 Script: Anastasia Vosnaki,Stavros Sideras


World Distribution: Exoptron Limited

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In a frantically changing hi-tech world, where traditions and customs slowly fade away, carnivals rooted in ancient religious rituals or festivals vigorously resist this cultural change. They represent the human need to express through one’s carnival mask using statements that would probably never convey otherwise. The objectives of these celebrations may comprise the catharsis and salvation of the human spirit by worshiping Mother Nature and exploring the essence of fertility.

The Bacchanals, colorful rituals organized in ancient Greece to honor Dionysus, the god of merriment and wine, still celebrate today the man’s need to break away from the entrapment of stereotype values and social conformity. The Yiannitsari and Boules festival, with its unique code of behavior, revives a ceremonial ritual with detailed liturgical dressing and dancing under the sounds of folkloric songs on traditional musical instruments.

Every February, the famous Sochó carnival adopts pagan elements of worship by lighting great fires, where old things are burned to ashes to be replaced by new, thus symbolizing cleansing and purification.
In certain faraway isolated villages, both children and adults partake in the festivities wearing lambskins and heavy bronze cowbells tied around their waist and dance in weird primitive rhythms as a sign of liberation from social conformity.

But the ritual of rhythmical dancing barefoot on burning coal, using symbolic gestures, at the festivities in other villages, requires a passionate belief in the existence of a greater metaphysical power, allowing the worshippers to fall into a trance or ecstasy, transgressed into a more spiritual state of being.

Behind their carnival masks and uninhibited, the human spirit is set free to explore its primal instincts and enjoy life to its fullest during the brief duration of the wonderful folkloric festivities, the ancient Greek tradition of Bacchanals.

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“An invocation of Dionysus, from the Orphic hymns”

“I call upon loud-roaring and reveling Dionysus, primeval double-natured, thrice-born, Bacchic lord, wild, ineffable secretive, two-horned and two-shaped.Ivy-covered bull-faced warlike, howling, pure, You take raw flesh, you have feasts, wrapt in foliage, decked with grape clusters.Resourceful Eubouleus, immortal god sired by Zeus.When he mated with Persephone in unspeakable Union.
Hearken to my voice, O blessed one, and with your fair-girdled nymphs breathe on me in a spirit of perfect agape.”