Mobile Devices
Put Vimeo in your pocket or backpack.
Streaming Players and TV’s
Invite Vimeo to hang out in your  living room.
Vimeo is friends with other computer programs.
User Guide
Step by Step

1. Starting you must choose to RENT or to BUY a Film (Slide-1,Slide-2)

2. If you decided to RENT a film, you have to choose all Episodes or only one. (Slide-3,Slide-4)

3. Click the button with the amount you must pay. Your Purchase window will rise up. Check the Total:   The amount must be the same as in the clicked button. (Slide-5,Slide-6)

4. Choose the way you would like to pay.You can use your credit card or to pay via PayPal. If you choose your credit card please fill the details and click on the Pay Now Button. If you choose to pay via PayPal click on the Pay Now button and you will be transferred to the PayPal safe environment. (Slide-7,Slide-8)

5. If you have a discount code or a FREE PASS,  click on  Have a discount code?. Please fill the code and click the Pay Now Button.  (Slide-9,Slide-10)

6. Finally click the Pay Now Button and enjoy your film.  (Slide-11)

7. Be careful. Your film will be available only for the period as shown in slide-12.