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    Official Selection for Life Sciences Film Festival

    Official Selection

    I would like to proudly inform you that our HD Documentary film "Spirulina The Amazing Algae" has been chosen to compete in the Life Sciences Film Festival 2013 International Competition. The Competition will take place at Prague from October 14-18,  2013. The LIFE SCIENCES FILM FESTIVAL was founded in 2010 on the basis of the initiative of … Continued

  • Distribute and Win

    Disitribute & Win

    Distribute & Win   After the worldwide success of Spirulina Documentary, many of you asked to distribute the DVD of the documentary to their country. Discussing with you for over 6 months on the distribution scheme, conclude that this program must be open and accessible to all of you, without any restrictions or hidden terms or complex … Continued

  • New DVD Packaging


    Digipak Digipak typically consist of a book-style paperboard or card stock outer binding, with one plastic tray capable of holding a DVD attached to the inside. With Cellophane Wrapping Packaging you 'll be the first one who gonna touch the DVD, for maximum Safety. DigiFile A digifile differs from the digipak in that it does … Continued

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  • Tap Friendly

    The Touch of Spring

    Now that people are getting inclined to use mobile phones for internet browsing, it has become imperative to create websites that enable a friendly mobile web experience to users. Therefore we have created our website to be optimized for touch devices and work nicely with smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. All the site content has … Continued

  • steviaFeatured

    STEVIA: Sweet, but innocent

    Six months ago, a rainy day of November, my doctor diagnosed that I have type 2 Diabetes Immediately, I got on medication, along with changing my daily nutrition. Among other things that the doctor told me there was something that I had in my mind every day. “Remember,” he said, “diabetes makes your life better if you are careful.”…Continued

  • love_featured

    Love at First Bite!

    Spirulina Crunchies® are 100% Pure Spirulina; No fillers, stabilizers, additives or preservatives, are used at any time in either the production process or anywhere else on the 12 acre farm. Yet, they require no refrigeration; stored properly they remain vibrant, and tasty for up to 5 years!…Continued

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