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Hey folks, welcome! Here we do everything on the belief of challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. Our way: making our documentaries educative, entertaining and inspiring.
2:30 min  – Video Trailer
FRESH DOCUMENTARIESOLIVE TREE: The gift of the Goddess3 x 25 MIN FULLHD (1920×1080)

This tree is a divine gift with amazing properties.
A gift that can nourish, heal, warm, enlighten, wreathe, beautify and cleanse.
A tree Symbol of peace, wisdom, glory, fertility, power and purity.
The poets praised its value and durability.
The painters were inspired by its silver leaves and the deep scratches on its trunk
Spiritual people used it to emphasize the superior virtues of human beings.
Historians, archaeologists, politicians and sociologists were involved with passion.
Major religions use its fruit extract at their rituals.
A great gift to humanity.
The sacred tree of the goddess of wisdom.
Athena struck her spear on the ground and a tree sprung up.
The silver gaze, the multiform, the fruitfull, the enviable, the perennial and indomitable Olive tree.
Join us at an amazing trip through time exploring the history of the blessed tree.
Stay tuned to watch how the extra virgin olive oil is produced.
And enjoy life using our following divine recipes.

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OLIVE OIL: Earthy but Complex

Almost a month since I finished the editing.
The first three episodes of the documentary on the olive tree and the olive oil are ready. I do not know yet whether you liked them or not. However, many people ask me for details that I do not know what benefit they will be, but I will answer.

The first shooting was done in Crete in 2008. At the peak of summer, 40 degrees Celsius in Vouves. We were relaxing at the café next to the oldest olive tree in the planet. Accompanied by icy cold frappé coffees. Nobody wanted to go out there, under that scorching hot sun.
We were staring at the 3,000 year old tree with hatred. In the afternoon we left without having finished. There would not be another chance.

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Bon Voyage…

I would like to proudly inform you that our new Documentary film OLIVE TREE: The gift of the Goddess” (3 x 25 min) it will be participate in its first Festival in the 4th Life Sciences Film Festival 2014 International Competition.


The Competition will take place at Prague from October 13-17, 2014.


The LIFE SCIENCES FILM FESTIVAL was founded in 2010 on the basis of the initiative of former and current students of CULS in Prague, in reaction to the deficit in the presentation of audiovisual works focusing on natural and agricultural sciences.

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Old Olive Oil Labels

When I first started the production of the Documentary “Olive Tree: The Gift of the Goddess” while searching around, I found an old book from Mytilene – Lesbos describing the bottling and distribution of the Olive oil from the mid of 19th century to the mid of 20th century.


I was impressed because the industrial production of Olive Oil, having painters to create the labels of the Olive Oil bottles. The paintings were very well paid because it took months of work for the labels to be stuck on the bottle.


The color choices and the painting lines of the creators made these labels small pieces of art.  I’ve been collecting them since I started my documentary production.

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